New reality of training

Combining what's the best of traditional training with new technologies and related, with them: accessibility, security and commitment


A tool for training and presentations in virtual reality

BellVR is a place where you can give your employees all the knowledge, a place where they can learn in safe and controlled conditions everything they need in their daily work.

It's not just training

It’s a modern platform which allows you to transfer to the user what you want, in the way you want. You can use it freely – for training, presentations, sales, tests or prototyping … it all depends on you.



Text, animated presentation and manual exercise combined in single. Step by step procedures.

Product presentation

The ability to present any object from any perspective, angle, the ability to ``enter`` into the interior of the model, show the detail and method of operation. Without limits.

OSH training

The only solution that allows you to present all possible threats and ways to avoid them, methods of behaviordy and correct behavior in a completely safe space.


What you get thanks to BellVR


Learning by practice

Thanks to the faithful reproduction in the virtual space, the user gets to know the object thoroughly, and thanks to the simulation of actions he can practice and practice, and practice - basically without any limit.



Transferring training to VR allows to avoid situations in which unskilled employees have direct contact with dangerous devices or machines, thus reducing the likelihood of an accident.



You no longer have to wait with the training until the machine or device reaches you or send the entire team of employees for several days where it is available. BellVR allows you to conduct training on-site, in a regular room, without having to access the device.


How does it work?

The standardized process of working on the project allows us to efficiently provide you with exactly what you need.

We get to know your needs

At this stage, we talk with representatives of your company and find out what your expectations and needs are and how we can help you achieve them. We pre-analyze materials that will be needed for further work. This stage is always free.

We learn

After moving on to realisation stage, the most time-consuming and most important stage of work on the training follows. During consultations with the client's employees, engineers and service technicians, we learn everything about the machine and procedures that will be the subject of the training and about the most important stages thereof. We also collect documentation and graphic materials. On this basis, we prepare training scenarios.

100% work

This is the time, when our graphic artists and programmers in close cooperation with the company's representatives prepare the entire content of the training and all its functionalities.

It works!

After preparation and acceptance of all elements of the training, we install them on the target equipment, synchronize and test. Then, for several days, the training is evaluated by the client's employees. After all corrections, the platform is finally put into service. But this is not the end of our cooperation. We are still counting on feedback to make our trainings better and better.

They trusted us

Our clients opinion
is very important for us


Together with the BellVR team, we have created a pilot VR training project for our employees and clients. High level of realisation, creativity and support in solving problems, as well as good reception of ready application by its users have made us plan its further development. We believe that BellVR is a good answer to the demand for modern training

— Magdalena Pawłowska      Marketing and PR Director of Famur S.A

See who's behind BellVR


Łukasz Pala

Creative Director

Małgorzata Żak

Project Manager

Marek Knura

Lead Developer

Krzysztof Modliszewski

New Business Manager

Katarzyna Furmaniak

Sales Director

Łukasz Lipka


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